IELTS Speaking Part 2+3 Topics & Questions

Table of Contents

Describe an exciting sport that you know about.

You should say:

· What the sport is

· How you know about this sport

· How easy it is to play this sport and explain what it was about this sport that makes it exciting (for you).

Describe a party you would like to arrange for your friends or family.

You should say:

· Who you would invite to the party

· When and where you would hold the party

· What you (or, your guests) would do at the party and explain why you would hold (=have) this party and explain what preparations you would do for this party.

Describe an article you recently read in a newspaper or magazine.

You should say:

· What magazine or newspaper it was

· When you read it

· What the article was about and explain why you remember this article

Describe an artistic activity that you do/did (outside of normal classes) at school or university (such as painting, woodwork or pottery).

You should say:

· What the activity is/was

· When & where you do/did this activity

· Who you do/this activity with

· How you did this activity and explain how you felt (feel) about his activity

Describe a success you would like to achieve (in the near future).

You should say:

· What it is

· How difficult you think it will be

· What you should do to prepare for this and explain why you want to succeed in doing this

(or and explain how you think you will feel after you reach this goal.)

Describe a holiday postcard or email you received and that you liked.

You should say:

· Who the postcard/email was from

· Where it was sent from

· When you received it

· What the contents of the postcard or email were and explain why you liked it.

Describe a place you know where people go to listen to music (such as a theatre or a music hall).

You should say:

· Where it is

· What kind of music is performed there

· What type of people go there

· Why people go there

· How you know this place and explain your impressions of this place.

Describe a person who visited your home.

You should say:

· Who the person was

· Why they visited your home

· How you spent the time with this visitor (or how you entertained this visitor)

and explain how you felt about the visit.

Describe an adventurous person who you know.

You should say:

· Who the person is

· How you know this person

· What this person does that is adventurous

And explain why you think this person likes to take risks.

(or, explain how you feel about the risks this person takes)

Describe a tourist site in your country that you enjoyed visiting.

You should say:

· Where you went (= the name and location of the place)

· What sort of this place it was (or, what it looked like)

· What you did there

· Who you went with

and explain why you enjoyed it or explain why you think people are attracted to that place.

Describe an item of furniture, either modern or traditional.

You should say:

· What material it is made of

· What style it is (modern or traditional)

· Who bought it (or, who chose to buy it)

And explain (how or) why this piece of furniture was bought. (Or, explain how this piece of furniture is used.)

Describe a painting or work of art that you have seen.

You should say:

· When you saw this work of art

· Where you saw it

· What it looked like and explain your impression of it.

Describe a practical skill that you have (such as driving a car, speaking a foreign language, cooking etc).

You should say:

· What this skill is

· Who taught you this skill; (how and when you learned it)

· How long you learned this skill and explain how this skill is useful to you.

Describe a famous person

You should say:

· Who he/she is

· What he/she does

· And explain why the person is famous.

· Is the person famous for a long time in your country?

· Who are the wealthy people in your country?

· Does money matter a lot to people currently?

Describe an experience when you were waiting for some things.

You should say:

· When/ where who you were with

· And explain how you felt

· What are the things that people wait for every day?

· Do Vietnamese people accustomed to waiting?

· Are people more patient than they used to be?

· Do people become impatient because of the conveniences of modern life?

Describe a quiet place.

You should say:

· Where it is

· How often you visit there

· What you do there

· And explain the reason why you like or dislike the place.

· What are the places that are free of noises?

· What are the causes of noises?

· What are the impacts of noises on people?

Describe an experience on good service in a shop or a restaurant.

You should say:

· When/ Where/ What and explain why you think it was good service.

· What are the differences between large shop services and small store ones?

· What do people do when they get bad services?

· What are the qualities of being a good restaurant?

Describe an old thing that you often use.

You should say:

· What it is

· How often you use it

· And explain why you often use it.

· What do you think of recycling old things?

· What is the value of old things?

· What are the functions of museums?

Describe a tourist attraction.

You should say:

· Where it is

· What people do there

· And explain why people like to go there

· What are the places that people in your country like to visit?

· What are the impacts of tourists on local people?

· Will international tourism improve international relationships?

Describe a plan in your life that has nothing to do with your work or study. (*)

You should say:

· What it is

· When you have the plan

· Who you have told the plan to

· And explain why you want to do this.

· Do you think people should have plans or just do whatever they like immediately?

· Do most people accomplish their plans? Why?

· What are the factors that young people will consider when choosing jobs?

· What are the impacts of families on people choosing jobs?

· What is the impacts of salary on doing work?

Describe an important event in history.

You should say:

· What it was

· When and where it happened

· Who took part in the event

· And explain why you think it was important.

· Do you like history?

· Do your parent think learning history is important?

· What are the benefits of museums?

· Are museums in your country free of charge?

· Which way is better for learning history? Through reading books or visiting museums?

· Do major cities in your country all have museums?

· Will current things be exhibited in future museums?

· Can individuals build museums?

· How to show life two thousand years ago in the museums?

Describe an interesting neighbor.

You should say:

· Who the person is

· How long do you know the person

· And explain the reason why you think the person is interesting

· Do people living in small cities know more about their neighbors than people living in big cities?

· What are the benefits of having kind neighbors?

· Why do neighbors seldom talk to each other nowadays?

· How to improve the relationship among neighbors?

Describe a shop that opens in your home town.

You should say:

· Where it is located exactly

· When you visited there

· And explain why the shop is popular or unpopular

· Do you like to visit large shops or small stores?

· What kinds of shops are popular in your country?

· Should the government in your country protect those small stores?

Describe an occasion when you experienced a good service in a store or in a restaurant.

You should say:

· When it happened

· Where it happened

· What the service was and explain why you think it was a good service.

Describe a time when you forgot an appointment.

You should say:

· When the appointment was

· Who you should have met

· Where it was and explain why you forgot it.

Describe a time when you couldn’t or were not allowed to use your mobile phone.

You should say:

· When it was

· What you did

· Why you couldn’t or were not allowed to use your mobile phone and explain what you felt about it.

Describe a time that you were busy.

You should say:

· When it was

· What you were busy with

· Why you were busy and explain what you felt.

Follow up question: Is your life always busy now?

Describe a time when you saw a wild animal.

You should say:

· What animal it was

· Where you saw it

· What happened when you saw it explain why you thought it was interesting.

Describe an interesting house or apartment that you visited.

You should say:

· Where it was

· When you visited

· Why you visited and explain why you think it was interesting.

Describe a place where you learned about a new culture.

You should say:

· What the place was

· Why you went there

· What you learned and explain why you enjoyed learning about this culture.

Describe a café that you visited

You should say:

· Where it is

· Why you went there

· What you ate or drank and explain why you liked or disliked it.

Describe a difficult activity that you took part in.

You should say:

· When it was

· What the activity was

· Who you joined with and explain why it was difficult.

Describe a famous person that you’re interested in.

You should say:

· Who he or she is

· Why he or she is famous

· When you first heard about him or her and explain why you are interested in him or her.

Describe an international company that you would like to work for.

You should say:

· What the company is called

· How did you know this company

· What business this company does and explain why you want to work for this company.

Describe the type of weather you like the most

You should say:

· What it is

· When it often happens

· Whether it is common in where you live and explain why you like it.

Describe an enjoyable day that you spent in the countryside.

You should say:

· Where it was

· When it was

· What you did and explain why it was enjoyable.

Describe an occasion that you spent time with a child.

You should say:

· When it was

· Who you spent time with

· What you did And whether you liked it.

Describe an interesting book that you read.

You should say:

· What it is

· When you read it

· What the book is about and explain why you think it is interesting.

Describe a special meal that you would like to have.

You should say:

· What kind of meal it is

· Who you would like to eat it with

· Why it is special and explain why you would like to eat it


1. Shopping

· Nowadays, do people prefer to shop in big stores or in small stores?

· When customers have difficulties, who would they ask for help in store?

· How can customers be helped?

· What should people do when they get bad services?

· What are the qualities of a good service?

2. Remembering things

· What should people do to help them remember things?

· In which ways people can remember their ancestors?

· If we can remember our ancestors, what can we learn from them?

3. Mobile phones

· Are using the mobile phone much good for people?

· What are the differences in the purposes when old and young people use their mobile phones?

4. Hobbies

· Should young people participate in dangerous activities such as mountain climbing?

· Why are there some people who like joining dangerious activities?

· Is it harmful to spend too much time on a hobby?

· Do you think it’s important for people to have hobbies?

· Can hobby have any negative effects?

5. Stress

· Do you think children in your country are facing too much stress at school?

· Is it better to teach children in class or by playing outside?

· Do children in your country need to have more holidays?

· Why do parents want their children to learn as much as possible?

· What are the advantages of having many tasks to do at the same times?

· How does the time affect your work process?

· How can employers reward their staff for their extra hours working?

· How does the extra hours working affect family life?

6. Celebrities

· In your opinion, what kinds of people can become famous?

· Should celebrities let their private lives be known?

· How do you think people will become famous in the future?

· Do you think celebrities should appear in advertisments?

· What are the good things about being famous?

· Why do you think

· ordinary people are interested in the lives of famous people?

7. Science

· Why do children tend to dislike learning science subjects?

· Are there any ways to encourage people to learn science subjects?

· Do you think men and women view technological devices differently?

· Why do you think people spend much money on buying the latest devices?

· What modern technological devices are most popular in your country?

8. Weather

· Are there any differences in the weather in different parts of Vietnam?

· Do you think that weather affects how we feel?

· Is there anything we can do to prepare for bad weat her?

· Why do people live in places where the weather can sometimes be bad?

9. The countryside & cities

· How has the countryside changed now compared to the past?

· Why do we have to protect the countryside?

· Do you think people will want to live in the countryside in the future?

· Why do some people like to live in the city?

10. Café & restaurant

· What are the differences between a café and a restaurant?

· What type of people prefer to go to cafés?

· Is a café a great place to meet friends?

· Are there any problems if people spend much time at cafés?

11. Reading

· What are the differences between reading books and listening to audio books?

· Is reading different between now and the past?

· Do you believe everything you read on newspaper?

· Do you think physical libraries will be replaced by onlinelibraries in the future?

· Why do people like reading bad news?

12. Eating habits

· How have eating habits of people in your country changed now compared to the past?

· How can children be taught about healthy eating habits?

· Is educating children about healthy eating habits the responsibility of parents or schools?

· How may eating habits change in the future?

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